What to wear

If you are new to hockey you don't need to rush out and buy the full kit, but our official home strip is White shirt, Blue shorts / skorts and Red socks.

All training and matches should be on an artificial surface (commonly known as Astroturf) so you'll need to wear training shoes or hockey shoes. Please do not wear studded football-type boots as you won't be allowed on the pitch!

Remember that it can get very cold over the winter months so its important to bring a fleece and consider buying a 'base layer' to go under your kit.

You might want also want to buy a set of gloves, but remember you'll need gloves that grip the stick to avoid it slipping and flying into other players!

Where to buy kit

The official Adidas Brooklands Hockey Club kit is available from Barringtons Sports in Knutsford (www.barringtonsports.com).

If you can't find what you are looking for on the Barringtons online store, it is worth phoning them up to see what they have in stock.

Barringtons also sell hockey (astroturf) shoes, hockey sticks, hockey balls etc.

If you are playing in one of our teams, you'll need to have a numbered shirt. Please ask one of the coaches for information about which number to select so we don't end up with duplicates.


Shin guards
It is essential that our young players wear shin guards for both training and matches. Hockey shin guards are recommended as they cover the whole shin and also the ankles bones.

You can buy hockey shin guards from Barringtons Sports, SportsDirect, Decathlon and lots of local sports shops.

Mouthguard / gumshield
Nobody likes wearing them but we recommend wearing a mouthguard for training and we insist on them for playing matches.


If you are new to hockey then we wouldn't recommend rushing out and buying an expensive new hockey stick.

We have lots of pre-owned sticks at the club that you can try out for size before you go and buy one.

Just ask the coaches for advice if you need it.

Brooklands Hockey Club Juniors